What We Do

Probably the most important process, by which we get to know people, is our new patient experience.   A new patient consultation takes some time – it’s a little bit open ended because we take the time that we need to get the job done.   It begins with an interview.  We sit and talk for anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty five minutes -the purpose of which is to get to know each other.  We get to know what your hopes and dreams are – what your fears are, what you’d like out of our relationship.  And you get to know us – and begin to understand that you can trust us and that we are your advocate.

We are here for you. It’s really not about anything else.  It’s not about all the wonderful things we can do. It is about how all those wonderful things are appropriate for you and what you would like to accomplish.  One of the things that is very important is to determine priorities.   Sometimes people come and they want a “beautiful smile.”  Sometimes people come and they just want to be stable and never have problems.   Interestingly, when you make people healthy, a beautiful smile often follows automatically.  Other times, it is often true that we will create a beautiful smile, and in the process of creating that beautiful smile,  we will also create a completely healthy mouth.

Beauty and health are so often intertwined.

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