Our Technology

Planmeca ProMax 3D

We have recently added PLANMECA’s ProMax 3D to our office. There are several benefits to you, our valued patient.
Among them are:

• Convenience: All images taken here in our office.
• Safety: Much lower dose than CAT scan
• Accuracy: Case planning using the latest technology
• Peace of mind: Your case has optimal chance of success

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We chose the ProMax after carefully considering many different cone beam machines. We believe
there are many benefits that your patients will receive from this new addition to my practice.

As we have advanced in our practice, we have come to realize that there is no such thing as a routine case.
Prior to in-office cone beam machines, the only real alternative was sending patients to have CAT scans
taken. These scans, while diagnostically helpful, have a much higher dose of radiation and are inconvenient
for patients. The PLANMECA ProMax 3D has a dose that is many times less than a CAT scan. The beam
only exposes the area necessary for the case. CAT scans and other cone beam machines routinely expose
areas of the patient’s anatomy that are unnecessary for our purposes.

The ProMax 3D will allow us to get diagnostic information on each patient that will ensure the best possible
outcome. We will be able to use the information from the ProMax to determine bone health, site
assessment, and augmentation needs.  Then, working in conjunction with you and excellent dental labs,
we will determine insertion angles to account for occlusion and, if needed, surgical guides to complete
the case for you to restore.

Schick Digital Sensors

Schick Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in digital dental radiography.  We proudly use the Schick Digital Sensores here at Robert Meisner DDS.  These sensors allow us to take consistently crisp, deatailed images, no other digital sensor can compare to.  Since they are digital, the images are available instantaneously.

3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

Dr. Callie Williams is an expert with the TRIOS intraoral scanner.  The digital scanner takes precise, quick and painless impressions of your whole mouth.   TROIS makes scanning fast and easy for our patients and ensures optimal comfort as well.

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the reliability of scoring dental arch relationships using the intraoral 3D scans was superior to indirect digital and to plaster models.

NOMAD Pro™ – Handheld X-ray

The NOMAD Pro is an award-winning handheld dental X-ray system that allows our office to take high speed dental X-rays.  The NOMAD Pro improves dental radiography speed, convenience and efficiency.