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Dental Implants


If tooth loss or bad dentures have left you with a lack of confidence and feeling less attractive, dental implants may be the answer to regaining the smile you once had. If you find yourself gravitating toward soft food because chewing is uncomfortable, dental implants may be the solution to regaining your ability to eat any type of food you’d like.  It used to be that implants were considered a last resort.  Now, they are the treatment of choice.  Dr. Meisner has been performing implants since 1982 and during that time his office has grown to be one of the premier implant dentistry practices in Western New York.

Dr. Meiser says, “Implants today are an incredibly successful,  and life changing way of getting people a functional, solid, healthy, natural looking, natural feeling set of teeth and smiles.”

If you have jawbone ridges that are in good condition and oral tissues that are healthy, you are a perfect candidate for this procedure. The beauty of dental technology coupling with your body’s natural instinct to adapt to keep you healthy, is that once the chemical and mechanical bond is formed between the implants and your jawbone, the two begin to grow together, giving your body the healthiest way to experience a younger, more natural smile.