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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

With cosmetic dentistry, modern technology offers so many ways to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.   It all begins with healthy teeth and gums and Dr. Meisner recognizes this  – whether it is through whitening, veneers, porcelain restorations, or other state-of-the-art procedures – a healthy mouth leads to a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic procedures are too often trivialized by today’s retail minded dental “industry.” But you wouldn’t choose a doctor based on gimmicks and slogans.  Since real dentistry is serious medicine, you probably shouldn’t choose your dentist because of a costumed tooth dancing on the sidewalk in front of his or her office!

Dr. Meisner makes your goals and dreams of a healthy, dazzling smile as important to him as they are to you.  And together, you’ll come up with a game plan that fits your individual circumstances… including your time-frame, your budget and most importantly, the current condition of your oral health.

Dr.  Meisner says, “We actually sit down and look at the issues.  We say here’s one way to approach it, here’s another way to approach that…here’s the cost of doing it that way.  So we kind of work it together so that we have accomplished our patient’s goals within their budgets and in a way that makes it possible for them to have a healthy, attractive, stable mouth today, tomorrow and in the future. because that is possible.  You can have an oral health situation that is free from unexpected surprises and unexpected expense.”

Call our office for a consultation, and together, we’ll come up with a game plan that will give you a natural looking, brilliant smile – and the confidence that comes with it.


In just one hour, years of discoloration and aging on teeth can be reversed through our cutting edge whitening technology. Choose at home treatments, or come into our office to get the celebrity smile you’re sure to love. With dramatic results instantly, you’ll look and feel like a younger, healthier you.


Broken or problem teeth don’t need to stand out in your smile anymore. New technology in dentistry has given us the option to cover these teeth, and make your smile more natural looking. Using your natural teeth as a base, thin porcelain shells called veneers are fitted flawlessly into the rest of your smile. In just two visits, the color, shape, and length of your teeth can be formed to perfection by Dr. Meisner.  We have the tools and the technology to correct any situation.


Fillings require a delicate balance of size and shape to fit your teeth properly. When a filling is no longer proportional to the size of the tooth, it requires a replacement by a crown. While many dentists use unattractive and unnatural looking metal crowns, Dr. Meisner prefers a porcelain variety, in part, because of their ability to reflect light like natural teeth do. The choice for a natural, healthy looking smile is clear.


If your teeth are chipped or broken, but do not need to be fully replaced, Dr. Meisner offers dental bonding. This treatment uses a special sculpting material to restore your teeth to a normal shape. Dental bonding is a short, painless, procedure and an extremely affordable way to repair your damaged teeth.


Metal crowns and bridges makes your smile feel  and look, unnatural.. This is because the metal used for these adjustments can often erode surrounding healthy teeth, actually degrading your oral health even more. A healthy and safe new alternative, porcelain replacements are a beautiful way to be rid of metal restorations forever. Reflecting light just like your real teeth, porcelain replacements for crowns and bridges easily fit your teeth, and give your smile a healthy glow.