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My dear Meisner-ites,

Thank you all, for giving me the brightest smile ever!  I use to be a dentist-phobic but under your ministrations I have become adental-phelic.  Specifically a Meisner-ite-phelic!  I never knew a dental practice could be so comfortable and caring, but you made me feel completely at ease.

Thank you for being the Meisner Magicians that you are.


Emily Pfohl
President of the Meisner Fan Club

  • Everyone in the entire office are just wonderful. I have always had a good supportive relationship. I would advise anyone I know to go to Dr. Meisner.

    Glenn Armstrong,

  • I was so embarrassed of my teeth the first day I walked in. It was needless worry because everyone I saw was so kind and reassuring that mine was not a hopeless case. I can’t wait for the final results but my mouth already feels so much healthier. Thanks so much!

    Katherine Geary,

  • Personable and always professional. I can count on high quality care for me and for my children. Thank you!

    Patricia Gunner,

  • I am very grateful for the amount of time the entire staff has taken to develop a dental plan for me. In my 64 years I have never had such a complete oral examination. In addition, the level of communication was extraordinary both on the medical side and the financial side. What a team! I can see why this practice was so highly recommended! Than you to all!

    Patricia Kopf,

  • Dr. Meisner and his team are the best! My dental work was a long process, but the outcome is amazing. I can’t stop smiling! I went to Dr. Meisner hoping he could fulfill my wishes for a fabulous smile, and he made my dream come true! I’m doing the “happy dance” every time I smile at myself in the mirror! Thank you, dr. Meisner and your fantastic staff! Love you all!

    Marianne Whitcomb,

  • Never a bad moment at Dr. Meisner’s office. The staff and the Doctor are the best that l have ever known. I would not hesitate a second to promote this office and its professional staff to anyone who has any type of dental problem. l had the complete “out with old and in with the new” process of a complete set of teeth No pain through the whole process and no discomfort, even with the healing time. Eating, has again’ become a joy. And my wife says, “l don’t look to bad either”. Thank you again

    Bill Messinger,

  • Dear Dr. Meisner and staff,I don’t know where to begin to thank you for EVERYTHING!The flowers I bring to YOU are symbols of my feelings –I wanted to give you something you could take home with you as a reminder on those workdays when you feel in your heart you have done all to the best of your ability and some people are just never satisfied. Remember always how happy you have made me and of how grateful I will forever be.Flowers need warmth and sunlight which I got plenty of as soon as I arrived in my nervous state. Flowers bend toward the light – YOU bent over backwards for me and accommodated me financially and schedule wise. Who these days comes in on their day off to perform surgery on a relative stranger –YOU have such kind hearts.Flowers need water. It is essential. YOU provided me with all the essentials I needed and more to go through the process.Flowers are grounded. All of your credentials are respected. YOU are a professional that is overflowing with compassion.These are Spring flowers and YOU brought the “Spring” back into my life –A new leaf. How can I thank you for ALL that?!Flowers are beautiful. YOU are all that on the outside yes, but more importantly on the inside.I will keep you ALL in my daily thoughts and prayers. Continued success in the future.I remain forever indebted to YOU.Much love,Michelle


  • “I just wanted to thank you all so very much for perfecting my smile!! The results were amazing and I can’t stop smiling! You made my smile so beautiful!! I’ve never imagined it to look this good and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. Thanks again for everything!”

    Blake C.,

  • “You always greeted me with a smile and treated me with great kindness and dignity.”

    Luci R.,

  • “I can’t thank you enough for making my smile so beautiful! Everyone thought I smiled a lot before, but now I can’t stop! My confidence level has grown and now I don’t think twice about smiling or laughing. The work you do is amazing and I thank you so much!”

    Jillian A.,

  • “Thank you so much for your wonderful care and my GREAT new teeth!”

    Gail R.,

  • “A little note to let you know how much I appreciated the work you did for me. I am so happy with it. Everybody was so nice in your office. You have the most amazing people working for you. I couldn’t have picked a better place to go. Thank you so much!!”

    Samantha E.,

  • “What can I say…I am 55 and my teeth look fabulous…you are the best!”

    Donna B.,

  • “My joy knows no boundaries when I catch my reflection and see my AWESOME smile”

    Maida G.,

  • “For years I would always cover my mouth when I laughed. I was so embarrassed by my smile, my self esteem needed a boost. Then I met Dr. Meisner. He changed my smile with LUMINEERS. My self confidence changed overnight. I now approach people with no problem. I laugh all the time without having to cover my mouth with my hand. Thank You Dr. Meisner.”

    Dan P.,

  • “My only reservation in writing a testimonial for Dr. Meisner’s practice is that it won’t do it justice. If I were an engaging writer I could go on and on. It suffices to say I am so impressed by his quality of work and his staff that I have had family members come to this practice. Immediately upon entering his office you are impressed by the tranquil, friendly, yet very professional atmosphere. There mission statement is, “Your smile counts”, it is their upcoming standard. Above all they put in your face figuratively and literally, from where it counts….inside out. As an RN in a NICU I can only hope I make my families feel the sincerity and concern for them as people as does Dr. Meisner and his staff.”

    Cheryl B.,

  • “I always notice teeth, it’s an American thing, I suppose. So it should not have been surprising that years ago, when Dr. Meisner told me, ‘I can make your teeth the best that they can be,’ I was sold. I moved a lot as a child, and had a history of various dentist and sporadic professional care. I wasn’t exactly in the category of Austin Powers, but my smile needed some attention. Dr. Meisner collaborated with me to develop a plan to make my teeth the best they could be. From crowns to cosmetic bonding to whitening, the plan was implemented. Today people at work, in the mall, at the grocery store ask me who my dentist is. Dentist I meet ask the same question. I smile. What better tribute than admiration by peers?”

    Richard R.,

  • This has been such a confidence builder. This has been great for making first impression. Before I wouldn’t even open my mouth when meeting someone. I wouldn’t even be able to remember their name because I was so self conscious of my missing teeth. I feel like a new guy!

    Mark P.,

  • I was immediately impressed by Dr. Meisner after seeing him on AM Buffalo so I decided to come in for a consult. After making my appointment his staff wowed me with their friendliness and constant communication to welcome me to their practice. When I walked in the door, I was amazed at how the entire Team was so knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Nobody was rushed while they were taking care of me. I’m so happy I decided to come to Dr. Meisner, he is a wonderful man who truly cares about his patients. Not only that, he has several years of experience, can handle everything all under one roof and takes his time to find the best solution for you. I urge anyone to consult with Dr. Meisner and his Team, it is never too late to have a beautiful smile!


  • I am always a little apprehensive about going to new doctors in any field as you are never sure they will take in to consideration all your wants and needs or as I have dealt with in the past especially in dentistry feel as if your case is too much of a challenge and write you off. I felt none of these when I visited with Dr. Meisner or any of his staff, I felt as if everyone was willing to work as a team to give me the best possible solution to my dental problems no matter how much effort it would take on their behalf. VERY PROFESSIONAL staff even when I call my needs are ALWAYS addressed to the utmost Have never visited such a caring office before. Kudos to all of them

    Marge Szyjka,